Z U R E M U N D U A   A R G I T Z E N D U
Active as a design team, the brothers Shinn and Mitsu wanted to present their art style through music by forming the band WHEEL OF DOOM in 1998. Their surfa cecomponent being an ethnic presentation they made a name for themselves with their incredible stage performances.
Coordinating with guitarist Mitsu’s personal neo-tribal fashion brand PEACEMAKER, they’ve caused a stir in the loud rock scene all over the country. They’ve released three titles so far. Without choosing an era, they question and address “now.” Going fromfive members to four, they aim to create a new loud flow and scene...
From their latest album "ELCARIM", the sound has changed to a combination of tranquil 528hz tuning and loud rock, unleashing the cry of the soul. A soothing loud rock WHEELOFDOOM that will give a new impetus to your DNA.